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Life Nursing staff agency

About Us:

Life nursing staff agency is run by a registered nurse , who has 5 years of professional experience in the field of nursing with a wide range of experience of working in nursing homes, disability care and as certified infection control lead.


Our staff includes a team of personal care attendants, enrolled nurses and registered nurses. We offer our services to aged care, home care, public and private hospitals , retirement villages, colleges and universities, nursing support services that include taking clients to appointments, shopping, pre and post hospital care, remote area nursing care and Covid-19 IPC role-based nursing care.

Work for us:

Currently, we are in search of amazing staff members who can be a part of our team who help us lay down a strong foundation. The company offers excellent work-life balance with a casual work environment.Both experienced and freshers, including students can apply for the roles.
We are looking for Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Personal care attendants. Feel free to contact us or submit your cover letter and resume.

Why Us?:

Life Nursing Agency company is run by a registered nurse who is readily available to support and educate her staff on a continuous basis.
As a part of this new organisation, you will be a significant part of the team. Working in a new organisation is challenging but the thrill to learn more is always there. We are currently working on a high-speed hiring process with outstanding pay rates.
The payments are done on a weekly basis, and you can work through a wide range of shifts.

24.7 Availability

Servicing South-East & Western Suburbs.

11 Years Experience

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We would love to speak with you about your goals and supporting your needs.

Book in for your free 30 minute consultation with our team to see if we are the right support network for you. 

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